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Componeer at the Kclinic

Smile to Go at the Kclinic

You will be delighted with the new COMPONEER.

With COMPONEER your dentist will give you a smile of naturally beautiful teeth in just one session.

Innovative. Time-saving. Beautiful.

COMPONEER are specially manufactured, very thin composite shells (veneers),that can be fixed to the front of the anterior teeth with a permanent bonding system. For example, this allows easy rectifying of dental problems such as dental substrate damaged by caries or chipped edges. It also allows the correction of aesthetic imperfections, such as large tooth gaps of the incisors or irritating malposition when smiling.

The dentist applies the COMPONEER technique directly chairside during a single visit. This requires considerable experience and creative skills in terms of shape and colour shades. The dentist adapts the shells to your teeth individually depending on the clinical situation and your wishes to achieve a natural, aesthetic smile. Compared with conventional restorations with crowns or ceramic shells (veneers), a dental technician is not required. This saves the patient and the dentist time and money