The KClinic, 7 Windsor Way, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 6JB


The KClinic Commitment to Children´s Dental Health

Our natural dentition is made to last children a lifetime and the only reasons why dental care may be necessary is because we don´t care for our childrens or our own teeth as we should, for example careful attention to what kids eat and how children clean their teeth.

Children can learn from a very early age the skills they require to maintain healthy teeth and gums, and dental education is something we provide at the Kclinic. At the Kclinic we will see children early on in their dental careers before they might develop problems with their teeth and gums and when visits are fun and exciting without the anxieties that are a associated with for pain relief and corrective dental therapy.

The relationship built up during easy stress-free visits cement in the minds of children the importance of oral hygiene and engender a very positive attitude toward dentistry which carries on into adulthood.

For those children unfortunate enough to have existing problems we work very hard to develop a very positive relationship and attitude so they we can overcome any anxiety or stress young people can find exist after experiencing dental problems.

The aim is PREVENTION to carry out all the measure at the disposal of modern dentistry to free children from the future threat of oral disease.

We pride ourselves on creating a caring and sympathetic environment for our young patients who we see as the future success for their dental health and our efforts.

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