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Hygienist Direct is a new service offered by the Kclinic

From 1st May 2013

The General Dental Council removed the need for dental hygienists to work within their scope of practice to the prescription of a registered dentist.

What does this mean?

KClinic Surgery

Well, this means for the first time a patient may now see the Kclinic Dental Hygienist Direct without the need to see a dentist first.
However Hygienists practising under direct access are not expected to make a diagnosis beyond their scope of practice.
They should refer to a dentist when they identify areas of concern or when treatment is required that is out of their scope of practice.

What can the Kclinic Dental Hygienist do for me?

The General Dental Council produces guidance on what dental hygienists can do with appropriate training.

Amongst other things, a dental hygienist can: