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KClinic General Dentistry

We all would like things that we enjoy to remain with us and continue to be available to us always. Dental health is one of those things and unfortunately one of those things we can easily take for granted,we can all be guilty of assuming that if we have no pain we have no problems and that nature will tell us if and when we might need to pay some attention to our teeth.

However, things just don´t always work out the way we would like, in fact the most potent dental disease that accounts for the most tooth loss in the world is PAINLESS and by the time we start to notice a problem it can be too late!

So, what can we do to make sure that we keep one step ahead?

The answer is simple, just have your dentist do a routine check once every six months and do carry out all the procedures your hygienist recommends daily, but mainly make sure you have a complete understanding of your teeth and and gums and how oral hygiene procedures need to be adapted for your dentition- its not ‘one size fits all´. Come and see us at the kclinic because we customise all our advice and procedures for your specific needs. We look forward to welcoming you

Drilling? No Thanks!

Ring the KClinic to discuss the Drill no Fill Process. This is how it works: easy and quick in one sitting!